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Status: [✏️ Draft / 🔴 S30 / 🟡 S60 / 🟢 S90 / ✅ Complete]

[Use the status to clearly indicate the progress of the document]


[Description of the problem you need to design for, commonly linking to other helpful related readings you might have.]


[Key points your solution needs to focus on, this is a checklist that you will be constantly reviewing to be sure you are on the right track. Commonly stated as bullet points]


[Final solution with all the feedback applied, empty until you finish iterating on all the stages.]


[First proposal you make based on the abstract and the goals, focusing on the broader solution instead of the details, maybe by providing a low fidelity wireframe or similar technique. This is the stage where the solution proposed could take a totally different approach and major feedback is expected to happen.]


[Add here your design and reasoning. This may take the form of detailed outline, a rough sketch, or a spec.]